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Fruit Cake Icing

2 tblspns. Liquid Glucose
1 Level tspn. Gum Tragacanth
Mix well together, and pour over 2 tblspns. Boiling water. Mix this over a pot of boiling water till well dissolved. Add icing sugar to obtain a rolling consistency (about 1 lb.). Wrap in plastic and leave in tupperware bowl (out of 'fridge) till next morning. Befor rolling out, knead in 1 tspn. Parava (pure vegetable shortening). Roll out on plastic sheet well sprinkled with icing sugar and use as you would almond icing. Slightly grease your roller (if necessary) to prevent sticking. This is not used in place of almond icing, but is the coating over the almond icing. However, it is used in the same way.
1 tspn. Flavouring may be added with the water, if desired.