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Chilled Pineapple Cream Roll

1/2 lb. Plain Rounded Biscuits
1/2 Pint Cream
1 Cup Cooked and Crushed pineapples
Juice from Pineapple
Pineapple Essence
Dark Chocolate Grated
Glace Cherries.
Whip the cream until very thick, add sugar to taste and flavour with pineapple essence. Place pineapple juice in a flat dish; add 2 biscuits, leave a few seconds, but remove while they are still firm.Spread both biscuits with a layer of cream and join together with crushed pineapple. Continue in this way until all the biscuits are used, then join the biscuit sandwiches together in the same way, making a long roll. Spread with the remainder of the cream and sprinkle lightly with the chocolate. Decorate with cherries and strips of angelica. Chill for 7-8 hours.

To serve, cut into diagonal slices, so that each serving has alternate strips of cream and biscuit.