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Pears Surprise

1 Freash Pear Per Person
Guava Jeely
Almond and Essence
Lemon Juice.
Peel pears carefully with a stainless steel knife. Brush all over the lemon juice.Using an apple corer,and beginning at the eye end, remove core, but do not press corerto the end of pear, or it will split.Dissolve guave jelly in a cup over boiling water. Pou jelly into the cavity whence the core was removed.Set in refrigerator until jelly is quite firm.

Whip cream stiffy, flour with almond essence in alittle castor sugar and put into apiping bag.Stand pears, eye end down, on individual serving plates, pipe crem over in aspiral designfinishing with a swirl at the top. Split almonds in two and roast in a hot oven until golden brown.Cool, place a cheery on top of each pear, and an almond on each side in a leaf pattern.