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Poached Pears With Honey And Lemon Sauce

6 Firm Eating Pears
1/2 Pint Water
1tblspn. Lemon Juice
4-6 tblspns. Honey
4 tblspns. Guava Jelly Melted.
Wipe over pears and leave whole. Turn water,guava jelly and lemon juice into a pan, then bring to just boiling point. Put in pears, upright, cover pan closely and simmer till the fruit is hot through and slightly soft in 15-20 minutes.Remove pears to hot serving dish and keep warm.

add honey and grated lemon rind to the liquid in apan, using enough to suit your taste, and stir over a low heat till blended.Pour about 1 tblspn. Over each pear and serve remainder in a hot sauceboat.