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Thai Dessert

1 kg Waterchestnuts (Peeled and Cubed)
150 gms Tapioca Flour or Cornflour
2 Coconuts (Grated without skin)
Red Food Colouring
Rose essence
6 Cups Water
1 Cup Cooked Bean Vermicelli
Sugar Syrup (Water & Sugar in proportion of 1:2)
Wash and strain water chestnuts. Divide into three portions. Add few drops of red food colouring to one portion and green to another. Mix well.

Coat coloured water chestnuts with tapioca flour and plunge in hot water. When transparent, transfer to a strainer.

Extract milk from coconut by using 6 cups of water. Add few drops of yellow food colouring to cooked vermicelli. Chill coconut milk, sugar syrup, vermicelli and water chestnuts.

Mix sugar syrup, coconut milk. Fill 1/4 glass (or ice cream bowl) with water chestnuts and vermicelli. Fill the glass with coconut milk mixture.