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5 gms China Grass or 2 tsps Agar Agar Powder
200 ml Water
60 gms Sugar
2 tbsps Lime Juice
Few Drops of Food Colouring
Wash and soak china grass in water, in which it is to be cooked, for at least 2 hours. Heat on low flame to dissolve. Add sugar, and lime juice.

Alternatively boil water with sugar and lime juice. Dissolve agar agar powder in small quantity of water and add to the boiling mixture. Remove from heat, strain.

Add food colouring of your choice, if needed. Pour into jelly moulds and set. Referigerate for 1/2 hour befor serving. Serve topped with custard sauce and decorated with fruit cocktail.

Variation: Custard sauce can be set in jelly moulds prior to pouring jelly. While serving colourful layer of custard, jelly and fruit cocktails make an irresistible desert.