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Mango Souffle

1 lt Milk
1 Tin (800 gms) Mango Slice
4 tbsps Cornflour
6 tbsps Sugar
4 tbsps Butter
Pistachios or Almonds for Garnishing
Darin mango slices and reserve syrup. Mix mango slices with butter and blend in a blender for few seconnds. Do not puree. Ste aside in a large bowl.

Boil milk for 2 - 3 minutes, then add sugar and bring to boil again for 2 minutes. Remove from heat and add corn flour and syrup. Return to heat and cook for a minute, stirring continuously as milk acquires a creamy consistency. Remove from heat and cool.

Pour milk mixture over mango mixture in a bowl. Miix well and chill. Befor serving garnish with chopped pistachios or almonds.