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Sparkling Punch

3 Sweet Oranges
3 Yellow Lemons
1 Pineapple
1 lb. Sugar
1 Pint Bottle Grape Juice
5 large Cups Water
1 Giant Sized Bottle Soda Water.
Peel the pineapple, removing eyes, and cut it in half lengthwise; remove centre core and cut the flesh into small cubes. Place pneapple peel and core in a pan with the sugar and water and boil gently for 5 mins. Strain and return the syrup to the pan with the lightly grated orange and lemon rinds (no pith) and simmer for a few minutes. Remove, add the cubed pineapple and leave until quite cold, Covering lightly.

After 3 hours, the punch is ready for the remining ingredients, which are added just befor serving. Keep in the refrigerator until required, then add the grape juice and soda water. Garnish with thin sliced of pared orange and lemon. Small whole fruit, such as grapes, may be picked over, wiped and dropped into the punch.