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Puff Pastry

1lb Flour
1lb Butter
Pinch of Salt
Cold Water
Sieve flour and salt and mix to a springy dough with water - 1 Cup, from which one tblspn. Is replaced with lemon juice. Roll out on a floured board and leave for 15 minutes. Squeeze the butter in a floured cloth r beat it on a slab with a butter pat to get out most of the moisture and flatten it to about 1" thickness. Put the butter in 1 piece in the middle of pastry then fold the pastry up over it, first at the two end, then at the sides, pressing the edges with a rolling pin to seal in the air. Leave for 15 minutes or more then roll into a long , narrow strip. Fold in four again and leave for another 15 minutes. Repeat four times, allowing the pastry to rest, covered with cloth, for 15 minutes each turn. Finally roll into required shape. If time permits this is much improved. If an hour is left between rolling times. Remember - the pastry must never be allowed to get warm.