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3/4 lb. Plain flour
1 oz. Yeast
1/4 pint milk
4 tblspns. Water
8 oz. Butter
1/2 tspn. Salt
3 tspns. Castor Sugar
Milk for glazing.
Sift flour and salt and warm.Mix yeast with sugar and leave to sponge.Pour yeast into well into cenre of flour.Add warm milk and water gradually,mixing to a firm dough.Roll into a ablong strip about 1/4 inch thick.Spread quarter of fat in a small knobs evenly over two thirds of the paste.Fold evenly in three as as for flanky pastry.Turn with fold to left hand,roll out and repeat the process three times,cooling before each addition of butter.Roll out about 1/4" thick, cut into 4" squares and roll each up diagonally.Shape into crescents,and place on lightly greased baking trays.Leave overnight in a cool place for 20 mins. till well risen Brush with milk and bake about 20 mins.till brown and crisp at 370 degree .Serve hot with butter.Make 7-8 Croissants.