Raw juice diets are an effective way to purge and detoxify your body, but there are certain precautions that you must take before going on a juice fast.

First of all, always use fresh, never canned or frozen, juices in your fast. Fresh juices contain active enzymes that your body need. These enzymes disappear quickly, so it is best to consume juice immediately after it goes from a solid to a liquid. The best thing to do is to get a juicer and extract the juice yourself.

Second the fruits and vegetable should be ripe and of good organic heritage. The better the produces the better the results and you do not want to drink any pesticides and chemical fertilizers, you are trying to detox remember?

Third, do not over juice it. Make only enough juice to drink in one sitting. Try to save juice is a futile exercise. They will oxidize fast and lose a lot of their nutritional worth.

Fourth, buy a good juicer that does a good job at extracting the juice and leaves nothing of value behind. Lots of the vitamins and minerals that your body need are found in the fleshy pulp and seeds. Look for a powerful juicer with a good extraction sieve.

Finally, do not make your juice to sweet, especially if you suffer from diabetes, hypoglycemia, arthritis, or high blood pressure. If your juice is too sweet, add something that will make it less so, or dilute it (50/50 basis) with some water.

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